Because You Love Me - Mari Carr This was a really nice story and the suspense was great. We have Bridgett who is on the run with her own personal (and gay) NYC police officer, Rodney. She witnessed a high-powered judge murder her best friend, and the best friend left her a letter full of clues she and Rodney can't decipher. When a hit man keeps showing up at safe houses, Rodney decides someone inside the department is tipping the judge off about Bridgett's whereabouts, so they're on the run until the judge's trial, when Bridgett is expected to testify.

They've landed in Saratoga, Wisconsin, based on clues in her friend's letter. Bridgett soon meets the hot cowboy twins, Matt and Mark James. They're both attracted to her, and the feeling is mutual, but none of the three has ever been in a threesome, so initially it just seems like the boys will compete for her attention. Plus, she doesn't think she can get too close because this WILL end and she's had to lie to them about every part of her life since they've met. And she doesn't want to drag them into her drama.

Somewhere along the way, the boys decide they'll just share her (or really, it just happens, and neither brother feels any jealousy) and Bridgett decides that life is too short to worry about what society might think.

Drama ensues and you wonder what's ultimately going to happen, but never fear: this is a Mari Carr story. Of course it ends in an HEA. :-) Plus, there's a little bit of intro to the next story, which will be m/m (Rodney and the James's little brother Jacob). Not sure I will read that one (because I'm not really a m/m girl), but we'll see. I do love a good Mari Carr story. :-)