Liberating Lacey - Anne Calhoun Wow. This was recommended by a friend, and she was not kidding about how good this was.

Lacey is recently divorced from her first and only lover, and she's decided she wants to have casual sex. She is an upper-crust girl, but she doesn't really act like it. She doesn't necessarily have any preconceived notions about anyone based on their social status. She makes her own money, even though she doesn't have to work, because she really enjoys her work. She's feeling a little out of her element at Buff, and then a guy walks up, they start talking, he pegs her as a fish out of water, she's honest with him and says she's trying to find a guy to hook up with, and they hook up in the parking lot. Right off the bat, that's where it goes. :-)

Then they go back to her place and have more sex. Hunter wakes around 2 and wonders why he hasn't left yet. He's quite familiar with the hookup thing. But something makes him stay until morning, surprising them both. Things progress from there, but there's never a solid feeling that they're together as a couple. They're exclusive, and you can tell that Lacey is falling quickly. Hunter is better at keeping his feelings close, but he slips up here and there, showing us that he cares more than he lets on.

The sex was smoking, especially the sex in the rain scene. But I love stories where the characters can't keep their hands off each other. Even when they're not having sex, they have to be touching each other somewhere... hand, arm, back, wherever. It's sweet. Lacey and Hunter definitely have that. It was so nice to see Lacey have that after having what seemed like a loveless marriage (on the ex's part) for so long. While it saddens me that Lacey was tossed aside after the ex got what he wanted from her (not love or sex), I'm glad Lacey got to experience something so wonderful, if confusing, with Hunter.

My chest actually hurt for them at several points. And I cried at one point. But ultimately, it was an HEA, which makes me a very happy girl.