Turn It Up - Inez Kelley I'm a sucker for friends to lovers and a great HEA. If you like that, you'll like this.

For some quick background, Charlie and Bastian have been best friends for years. They met after Bastian was married, but he didn't realize he loved her until several years after his divorce. They became really great friends after he stopped by work one night (still married), just chatting to her about work. She offered him sex, and he refused, saying he really just needed a friend to chat with. She realized then that he was something special, but she'd have never put the word "love" to it at that point. She did have fantasies about him, though. Hmmmm..... :-)

The story starts out with them at a campground chatting about stuff. He knows he loves her, but he's trying to keep it a secret. When she realizes he has one secret he won't tell her, she kind of guilts him into telling her. After all, they've always shared everything, even things they never shared with other people. With his admission, she believes he's like every other man in her life, just wanting her for her body and sex and then he'll be gone, and she's devastated. She can't imagine Bastian not in her life, but sex for her never leads to forever, so she sees it as the biggest betrayal. She comes on to him VERY strong, but Bastian knows her... he knows she's using sex to insulate her feelings, so he stops her (at a great detriment to himself, lol). And proposes. She doesn't take him seriously. He sets out to prove he doesn't want her for sex by saying no sex until she accepts his marriage proposal. She thinks he's joking. Charlie has a sex radio show, and she invites Bastian to join her for a medical point of view, so they do the show together three times a week. One night soon after the camping trip, Bastian surprises her and proposes again on the air. So now everybody knows. (Though many think it's a radio gimmick.)

So now the race is set. Who will give in first? They are both extremely strong-willed people. Charlie has her reasons (really good ones from a girl point of view) for no marriage. Bastian has his reasons (fairly good, considering how he knows Charlie thinks) for insisting on marriage. So it's really a battle of wills.

Bastian, as his brother likes to say (snidely), is a saint. How he resisted so many times? He definitely had his eye on the prize. Charlie has really good reasons to try to protect herself. And wow, she was so devious! They are so great together. Bastian's "prom night" was such a beautiful gesture!

There is really not a whole lot of sex in this book. TONS of sexual tension, and lots of great story, but little actual sex. Lots of humor, too. Doc and the Honeypot sure had some great banter! Oh, and when the guy in the ER nailed him in the nads, I was pretty sure where at least part of the story was going. Yay for crazy dudes! Lol!