Trey - Cat Johnson This was a cute story. Black ops guy goes undercover as half of a newlywed couple with the girl his best friend is lusting after. To make it look real (there's surveillance) and to distract the bad guys, they get it on. And then, when nobody's watching, they do it again. Trey is trying to be the good guy and give his friend Jack a chance with Carly, so he's trying to pretend he was just doing his duty and it meant nothing. But neither Trey nor Carly can get over their experience... it ultimately ends in an HEA, which I love. But I wanted more sex, lol. I mean I wanted them to get it on when they knew there was no "mission" Trey needed to complete... that he was there and completely in the moment with Carly. The sex they did have was nice, I just wanted more. I'm a little greedy like that I guess! But it's a nice start to a series, and I'll keep reading.