Under Mr. Nolan's Bed - Selena Kitt So wow, I didn't expect the twist at the end. At first I was thinking You go, Leah... you get Mr. Nolan! And then my brows were furrowing when Erica was fantasizing about her dad while using the vibrator. Then I was all happy for Leah again. Then my brows were furrowing because Leah was encouraging Mr. Nolan to do his daughter. Can he tell which one he's fucking? What kind of question is that when it's either Leah or is his daughter? And then she's consoling him that it's OK for him to want his daughter? And then it appears that Erica is fine for Leah and Mr. Nolan to go to bed and then Erica wakes her dad up to do him again? I'll admit this is my first taste of incest. I won't even pretend to understand it. And I totally don't get why Leah was all for it. But the rating is for the other sex. I wasn't hot for my best friend's dad when I was that age, but that part of it was super hot.