Rock Hard - Olivia Cunning You'd think, based on the last book, that Sed would be ultra-kinky. But no. And that's not a wholly bad thing. His love for Jessica was so sweet. He could be such a jerk in the first one, and while he had his moments in this one, for the most part, he did everything for Jessica. I was glad she finally decided to forgive him and saw the positives in him (besides the mind-blowing sex). They definitely had a bit of an exhibitionist streak (that bit them in the butt once in a big way), but other than sex in public places, there was no kink! It was cute to see how in tune their bodies were to each other. I'm not sure cute is the right word, lol, but there it is. So now, I wonder what the tattoos will be for those who lost the bet? :-)