The Perfect Score - Beth Williamson These three short stories are about a trio of women who bowl together and the people they meet through a local bowling tournament.

In the first story, we have Babs, who has serious self-esteem issues that she nurses with alcohol, cigarettes, and one-night-stands. In the midst of a bowling tournament, she gets reacquainted with Jimmy, who was a friend of her asshole ex-husband. Jimmy had been attracted to Babs ten years earlier, when he'd attended their wedding, but of course, it wouldn't have been appropriate to act on it. So he does now. And boy, is he the romantic one! And Babs, not believing anything so good could work out for her, tries to screw it up. And almost succeeds! But HEA on this one.

Second story is Veronica's. She's been a widow for five years, and really hasn't lived since her husband died. She's somber, wears black all the time, rarely smiles, but she has a massive toy
collection that she feels huge guilt about. She was a virgin until she married, and her mother would seriously have a cow if she knew how horny her daughter really was. In the bowling tournament, Veronica signed up for a doubles match and decided to be paired with someone she doesn't know. When Patrice shows up, it knocks Veronica's world on its side, because she's super attracted to Patrice, but doesn't know what to do about it. Things take their natural progression, but then Veronica almost screws it up because of her puritanical upbringing. We get a HFN on this one.

Last story is Marlene's story. Of the three, Marlene has the best chance for a perfect game. She has decided to enter the mixed doubles tournament, and again lets the tournament match her with someone. Buck, perfect six-foot-six, god-like Buck, feels real attraction for Marlene. Marlene, being a "big girl" all her life, thinks she must surely be reading something wrong, because Buck can't possibly be interested in her. But he is, and she'll take whatever crumbs he'll throw her, just so long as her heart doesn't get involved. But of course that always backfires. Another HFN.

Ultimately a fun set of stories. Not the steamiest scenes I've read, but still fun to see them each find the someone they needed.