Rescued - Laura Harner Another enjoyable suspense-ish story. A bit quick with the "l" word, but for two of the three it made sense.

Elizabeth and Graeme dated when they were younger. They were in love, but Graeme knew he was attracted to men and thought Elizabeth would be better off with someone else. Someone who could give her the undivided attention she deserved. Unfortunately, the dude she married ended up a bit insane. He was convinced she was cheating on him and beat her for it. Then made up excuses for why it was happening. She finally decided she'd had enough one night and tried to escape at a rest stop.

Michael was taking a much needed vacation from his high-stress job, and when he saw Elizabeth running from a man, he took action to try to help her. And his car ended up at the bottom of a ravine... thankfully without him in it. But then Graeme, the sheriff, shows up, thinking Michael is the one hurting Elizabeth. Then they all go back to Graeme's... Lizzie needs rest, and Michael is a security expert whose protective instincts have been pinged really hard by the night's events. So he's staying, too. Michael, of the straight persuasion. But what's this he feels for Graeme?

Of course, the husband finds out where she is and has plans to get her back and such... but the story in between was about Michael just going with the flow. And then about Graeme finding his new place in life and with Lizzie and Michael.

As I said, the "l" word was thrown around quite early. Graeme and Lizzie had the history to support that. I didn't think Michael, who was still struggling with how he felt about being attracted to a man, was ready to hear it when it was said. At the same time, it warmed Michael's heart to hear it.

Definitely a sexy story, and the crazy husband story was compelling.