Hers to Choose (Verdantia #2) - Patricia A. Knight Another interesting story in the Verdantia series. Lady Sophilia had been utterly broken being a sex slave to the Haarb. After she was rescued, she couldn't handle life at court, couldn't handle the men's looks as they were mesmerized by her beauty, so she went to live with the Oshtesh, a group of people who were desert dwellers and didn't really believe in the aristocracy or the magic of Verdantia. Among the Oshtesh, she flourished.

Eric DeStroia has been sent to bring Sophilia home so she can live out her birthright. Her brother, Doral, wants her to marry Eric, but Eric won't make her, especially knowing her history. And the Haarb want her back. Desperately. Lots of treachery and deceit among certain people of Verdantia. But in the midst of them trying to return Sophilia to her original home and fending off attacks and such, Sophilia and Eric actually do fall in love.

Another very interesting story with some steamy parts. I thought the incollare was a particularly inventive idea, lol.