The Princess and The Prepper - Barbara Elsborg I don't know how she does it. Ms. Elsborg comes up with these great tortured characters, but they're all tortured in completely different ways. And it's all plausible. And when things don't go right between them, it literally makes my chest hurt.

Lili tried escaping from her abusive boyfriend by hitching a ride with a trucker. A trucker who turned out to be just as unsavory as what she was running from. After fighting off the trucker who expected "payment" for her ride, she's left in a snowstorm on the side of the road, half dressed because the trucker ripped off her coat and skirt.

About that time, Grant's "pet wolf" demands to be let out and makes a beeline for Lili. Grant realizes that Lili must be freezing and, while he considers leaving her for about half a second, he picks her up and takes her to his cabin. Grant is a "prepper", so he's prepared for just about anything in his cabin, except for a beautiful woman stranded in a snowstorm.

Things heat up between them pretty quickly. And then things kind of come crashing down when the police finally knock on Grant's door, looking for Lili.

Ultimately, everything worked out, and I loved how Grant stood up for Lili. And how Lili finally stood up for herself. Great story.