Shattered Hart - Ella Fox I enjoyed this one, though the wording issues from the first one existed in this one: "taught stomach", "get the led out"... but for the most part, the editing was decent. Parts were repetitive, though. And what, exactly, does a tiny pussy look like? My mind's eye pictures this normal-sized woman with this little, itty bitty vaginal area. I'm pretty sure that's not the appropriate visual, but it was there several times, and that's what stuck in my brain. ~shrugs~

The story line of this one was very similar to the first one, but this time it was the brother and sister of the couple from the first. Dude thinks he's not worthy, so he keeps pushing the chick away. But of course he can't stand to think of her with someone else. Not like she can really stand to think of herself with someone else either. There was also the semi-strange side story of one of the twins. Next story will be the other twin and the friend of the boys who has been with them since childhood, and we get a big hint into what the next one will center around at the end of this one. I suspect the whole "I'm not worthy (but neither is anyone else)" will come into play yet again.