Cry Little Sister - Parker Ford Holy moley, this was steamy. And kinda sweet, too. We have Jordan and Gareth. They were raised together since very young and looked enough alike that they could be siblings. They thought they *were* siblings because that's what their parents told them. Once puberty hit, they each started having feelings -- non-sibling feelings -- toward the other. But they never acted on it. They couldn't... wouldn't... they were siblings.

So now Jordan has come back home after their father died. Or at least Jordan thought he was her father. Gareth had been there to take care of him in his final days, and their father had revealed things that made Gareth think they weren't related. Which sort of gave them a green light to explore how they felt about each other. They still didn't know for sure, but they couldn't keep their hands off each other once the option was there and they realized they each felt the same way about the other. We, as the readers, are pretty sure that there's no blood here, but they still didn't know for sure, and here they are messing around. No penetration until they found out for sure, but I can't imagine that bringing your sister to orgasm and then finding out there is blood is going to make you feel any less squeamish just because you didn't actually screw her, lol. I think because I was pretty sure, all of their interactions were darn steamy. Gareth has a dominant streak which he unleashes on Jordan, and some of those scenes were pretty hot.

Ultimately, it was an HEA story. It ended a little abruptly, but at the same time, I suppose it was a logical place to end it.

I marked this as minor editing issues, but it was a bit more than minor. They were everywhere. But the story was good, so I kept reading.