Taking The Cake - Kate Davies This was super cute. And a bit sexy. And friends to lovers, which I love. Mollie and Cade were friends in high school. Mollie was always straight-laced, smart girl. Cade was more of a bad boy. And while many people looked down on Cade in high school, Mollie was not one of them.

Eleven years later, Mollie is about to get married to one of the schlubs they knew in high school. It's the bachelor party, and Mollie's best friend dared her to get into the cake and pop out like a stripper. While inside the cake, she hears her fiance say some rather derogatory remarks about her, and as she pops out of the cake enraged (and somewhat embarrassed), he's getting a blowjob from one stripper while sucking on the boob of another.

Cade, who has not been in town for virtually eleven years, is the only one to recognize that the cake stripper is actually Mollie. And he goes to comfort her. And she makes him an offer he can't refuse, since he was basically in love with her in high school. Though Cade is not really a bad boy anymore, he can definitely prove she's not straight-laced either.

Cade was wonderful. Mollie was awesome in how she came out of her shell. A great HEA.