Wish List - Sylvia Day I've been writing in reviews that books are sweet lately, and this is yet another one. A sweet Christmas story of a playboy, Nick, who put it all on the line for the girl, Steph, who wouldn't give him the time of day. Not that she hadn't noticed him, but his playboy reputation put him off limits. Handy then (maybe fate?) that he found Steph's Christmas wish list in which Nick had a starring naughty role. And it just so happened that he was her Secret Santa at the office so he could make her wishes come true. If only she'd give it a chance.

But despite the off-the-charts chemistry they had, he couldn't overcome something he didn't know about. Once he found out, he still did his homework to make Steph as comfortable as possible with them forging something incredible together.

It was really sweet as well as steamy. Who wouldn't want a Nick around?