Santa's Wayward Elf - Paige Tyler This was darn cute. It's funny how many figures of speech we have that would sound odd to someone who had never heard them before.

We have Sosie, an elf from the North Pole, who is dissatisfied with her life. She has requested a transfer to the South Pole for a change of pace. But on her way there, the transport sled malfunctions and they land on a roof in New York City. While they're trying to fix the transport, Sosie hears music and figures she can run over to the dance hall and dance for a while. But while there, she gets into a bit of trouble, and Derek comes to her rescue. Unfortunately, while she was in the club, the transport sled was fixed and they continued on their way. Leaving Sosie stranded. No money, nobody she knows, no way to contact anyone. Thankfully Derek was a good guy, and he offers to let her stay at his place. She can track down her friends later, he says. Derek is a cop on the organized crime squad.

In the meantime, they enjoy several days together and good things happen between them. And then things happen with his job. And more things happen between them (not good things). Ultimately it was an HEA and a really sweet one. Great holiday reading!