Hidden Talents (Hidden, #1) - Emma Holly Another PNR... I have stayed away from PNR lately. I think I got burned out. But this was a really good introduction to a series. An interesting new world. Resurrection, New York, is a magical place, and Ari has come there to try to make The Eunuch leave her and her friends alone. The Eunuch collects people who can do magic in the normal world, drains them, and then more or less disposes of them. He wants Ari to work for him, but Ari isn't interested, so the Eunuch puts pressure on her by getting her fired and messing with her friends.

When she gets to Resurrection, her powers are much stronger than they are elsewhere, which attracts the attention of the local police, particularly Adam, the local alpha as well as a police lieutenant. They quickly realize this attraction they have isn't quite normal, and they indulge as much as they can without getting Ari pregnant (were sperm is particularly potent). And in the meantime, they work together to figure out how to bring Henry the Eunuch down. And they fall in love.

It was a sweet, sexy story. I'd be interested in reading more in the series. Most of the dudes Adam works with appear to be single, so it seems like there could be many stories left to tell.