Scorched (Turn Up the Heat, #1) - Desiree Holt,  Allie Standifer As displayed on the cover, this was definitely a Quickie. A Quickie doesn't give a lot of room for character building or even building up tension, so this went sort of headlong into the sexing. We start out with Kasey inadvertently giving Skylar a show while she pleasures herself. She doesn't think he's home since there are never any lights on and does it with the blinds pulled up. (She's the only other house besides Skylar's on a cul-de-sac.) Next day, Skylar introduces himself to Kasey and offers to be a live test dummy -- basically propositions her for sex within about 10 minutes of meeting her! Luckily, he's god-like and she can't resist him, so there they go. Skylar won't open up about himself, which begins to be a problem. He's a cop and the reason he was home so much is because he was recovering from a gun shot wound acquired in the line of duty. His last lengthy relationship ended because the girl couldn't deal with his hours or the potential danger. So he jumps to the conclusion that every woman will feel that way. His unwillingness to discuss his life with Kasey makes her break up with him. And then he plans something to get back into her good graces because he's never felt this way about another woman.

The sex was steamy, though it was hard to really feel the attraction between the two main characters, probably because it was so short. It felt like it was more tell than show, if that makes sense. It was still a cute story and ended in an HEA, or at least a HFN.