Falling for Trouble - Jenika Snow This was really sweet, if a bit angsty. Sophia and Abe have been friends for a very long time. Sophia's mother was a drug addict and not much of a mother, but Sophia had Abe so things were OK for her. Abe's parents were killed when he was a teenager, and he never really quite got over that. He medicated himself with alcohol and women. And Sophia was always there to pick him up and take care of him. It broke her heart every time she saw him wasted and taking another woman home, but she couldn't handle Abe not being in her life so she just dealt with it.

And then Abe takes her virginity during a drunken stupor. Sophia doesn't realize how drunk Abe is, and he's calling her by her name and saying all the right things... she thinks he's at least somewhat lucid. But the next morning, he doesn't remember a thing, and Sophia is mortified. Even more so when the results of that night become apparent not too long after. But Sophia had started to pull away from Abe... she's not sure how to handle what's happened between them, especially since Abe doesn't remember. For his part, Abe has decided to try to make positive changes so he can be worthy of Sophia.

It ended up being really sweet. I was so sad for them while Sophia was trying to distance herself and Abe had no idea what was going on. I felt bad for Sophia when Abe jumped to the wrong conclusion and didn't believe what Sophia was telling him. But ultimately, it worked out in the best possible way.