On the Right Track (1Night Stand, #74) - Barbara Elsborg I really, really like Ms. Elsborg's characters. When two strangers, one of whom just slid her car into the other's BMW that was trapped in the snow, can playfully discuss cannibalism should one of them die first... it's the start of something sweet.

Hollie set up with 1 Night Stand to have a fling with a hot guy. She's on her way there when a snowstorm makes it hard to see and hard to drive. Suddenly, she sees a car ahead and can't stop in time. Nick is pretty good natured about it. After all, he did get stuck in the middle of the road. Nick was on his way to the same hotel for a New Years party. He's had a particularly sucky year, so he's more than willing to put it behind him. Nick and Hollie huddle close to each other while they decide what to do. Luckily, a guy from a different hotel comes by and gets them to his hotel since the other one's road is impassible at this point.

And Hollie and Nick go play in the snow (so sweet!) and then spontaneously combust together later. I loved their banter, their relative ease with one another even though they were virtual strangers. And I liked that neither one of them really freaked out at the other's background or reason for attending the hotel party.

Really cute, sweet story.