Everybody's Girl - Veronica Jordaine

Disclaimer: I like erotic romance. Heavy on the romance. Hence, I really didn't like this story. I read this story to fulfill a freebie challenge. I wish I'd just left this one as unread. But once I started reading, I forced myself to finish. 


There was absolutely nothing redeeming about the woman in this story. I don't have a problem with her liking sex. Bully for her. I really dislike the cold way she goes about manipulating her husband, the men, the one woman (because what story like this would be complete without a little girl-on-girl), everyone. Some of her crazier moments were so crazy, I'm surprised authorities weren't called. And OMG... "you're so beautiful"... ~yawn~ So many freaking times. And her response? An oh-so-modest, "I know." Puh-lease. I just didn't get it. And not only was she a bitch to everyone, she didn't get her just desserts at the end. Just made her husband feel like shit for doubting her. 


Nope. Didn't like it. I didn't find it hot. I didn't find her likable, even a little bit. I didn't get it.


The one star is because it was pretty much error free, which is unusual to find in a freebie. I might have made really good use of the half stars and just left a half for this one. (Nope, I really didn't like it.) So mini-kudos to the author for either having a clue herself about grammar/punctuation/word usage or for finding someone to review her work who does.