Misunderstanding Mason - Claire Ashgrove I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this story was completely different from it. I mean, when someone named I ♥ Bookie Nookie reviews a book, I think there's a certain expectation there will be bookie nookie. :-) Not that there wasn't, but it definitely was not the focus of this story, and that turned out to be a great thing.

This story was about a bitch named Lisa who tried to come between two people, Kirstin and Mason, who were completely in love before Lisa set her sights on Mason. Lisa actually isn't a huge part of the story, but she's the entire problem. We start the story where Kirstin and Mason are already broken up, but still pining for each other. The love never died, but Lisa injected enough doubt in Kirstin's mind to almost ruin a beautiful thing.

My heart was breaking for them both from the very start; my chest literally hurt when they would think about each other and remember the good times and wonder what went wrong. Mason, especially, was completely in the dark. He had no idea what happened, and since Kirstin wasn't really talking to him -- or at least she wasn't spelling out for him what was wrong -- he was clueless.

I loved the product launch party, except for when slimy Steve had Kirstin's attention. But the dance floor? Sexy! And then back at home? Wow. I was happy with how this turned out. Kirstin had to come to her own realizations about what was going on, and I think it all happened so naturally. I would definitely read another story by Ms. Ashgrove.