Whiteout (Three's Allowed) - Laura Harner;L.E. Harner Always up to the women to fix problems, huh? :-)

I thought this was really sweet, hot, at times frustrating, and sweet again. I liked the idea that Cade and Carter had been friends forever but only recently, Carter started feeling sexual tension. And Cade could feel it, too. And Cade didn't freak out about it... like it was a natural progression of their friendship. And then Christina witnessing their first kiss... and again not freaking out. Must have been quite strange for (a) the guy who just busted you at the porn shop showing up at your house just before a big snowstorm and (b) that same guy lip-locking with his best friend, both of whom you've crushed on for forever.

I'm a sucker for friends to lovers, and that's what this was times two. I got a little frustrated when everyone was willing to give up the potential threesome so the other two could be happy. Because really "they" were the ones who were supposed to be together. That's what each of them thought at different points of the story. There was a lot of overhearing parts of conversations and drawing incorrect conclusions as well. But ultimately Christina pointed out the perfect solution for them.

I look forward to the next one!