Personal Tutor - Emma Paul Daniella is a divorcee. She kept the house (and resulting bills) but has no way to support herself. She's been applying for jobs, but no luck as of yet. Her ex, who was the breadwinner, cheated on her throughout their marriage, unbeknownst to her. Apparently, a few years into their marriage, the tarnish had worn on her "trophy" status, and he started to look elsewhere. (Real winner, there.) So Daniella is in dire straits.

She sees an intriguing ad in a swinger's magazine asking for a companion for two weeks for a virgin. She figures she has no options left and calls and sets up a time to meet. She's not really sure why she's going through with this beyond desperation. And she meets Trace, who is immediately taken with her. She bolts, thinking she can't do this, but Trace convinces her (with money, more or less) to stick around. Turns out Trace has a twin, Aaron (not Cage, as in the blurb), and they like to share, though Trace is a bit possessive of Daniella, so no "traditional" sex with Aaron, but they definitely played a bit.

Anyway, Trace is not who he seems, and when Daniella figures it out, she bolts. But there's what I guess I'd consider a happy-for-now ending.

It was a bit short and parts seemed rushed. It was steamy, and it was nice to see Daniella gain back some of the confidence she lost in the divorce and subsequent budgeting issues. And while Trace seemed to truly be into Daniella, what he was keeping from her was a pretty big deal. It was a bit insta-love as well. Within two weeks, Trace is about to declare his love for Daniella. Lust? Sure... they had it a'plenty, but love? But it was a nice story and I enjoyed it overall. I do wish there'd been just a bit more at the end.