Taking Instruction - Cheyenne McCray Jessica has a thing for her professor. And he knows it. She's been hands-off to him because she was his student, but when she is naked in his office on the last day of school, he decides to take a chance. Turns out, the good professor is a bit of a Dom. Jessica had no idea and when he basically asks her to play, she agrees without any clue of what she's getting into. And the professor pushes her... HARD. He reminds her that she can use her safeword, but that means everything stops and she has to go home. She's come this far, why would she want to go home? Well... like I said, he pushes her hard. She doesn't seem to mind, though, so all is well.

There was a LOT of sex in this, even for an Ellora's Cave book. It was ALMOST too much. But there was enough story and enough sweetness between them when they weren't Dom/sub, that I enjoyed it. Very sweet HEA.