Double Take - Alyssa Turner This was an interesting story. I was often wondering to myself whether Eaglecorp was just some sort of socialized government masquerading as a money-making venture. It sort of made sense... some horrible thing happens, the government steps in to take care of its people. Gives "credits" in return for work. Only this government/corporation overstepped in a major way and essentially took over the lives of its employees. And if you were against the corporation, you were the enemy.

Shannon is doing well in the corporation. She has a good job, a sharp mind. Two years before, she'd been abducted by a group of the resistance. They held her for several weeks while trying to get a ransom from the corporation. Shannon sort of fell in love with one of her captors, even though she'd never seen his face. He protected her somewhat from the ringleader.

Now, two years later, she's getting a new employee, who is the twin of the captor she fell in love with, though she doesn't know this immediately. She only knows she's attracted to him. He is there to try to expose the corporation's seedier side -- the corporation takes part in many activities that the regular folk would find distasteful if they knew. And Shannon is a sympathizer of the resistance because of her abduction, but she must walk a fine line or be found out.

And along the way, both her former captor, Tristan, and his twin, Pryor, fall in love with Shannon and vice versa. And Shannon finds her own strength along the way.

I liked the chemistry between the three. I liked how protective Tristan was of her and how Pryor was more willing to let her make her own decisions and take her own chances. And I liked how she stood up to them. I'm wondering if there will be a follow-up since Mariana was not killed. Plus the end opened up the possibility of more story. It was a very interesting futuristic story.

I marked this one as having minor editing issues. There were a few words misused, as well as one place where a name was not changed. (I presume Pryor was Paxton at some point... either that, or there was an extra guy in one scene who didn't exist anywhere else!) Most of the issues looked like maybe something was edited, but a verb tense wasn't changed to go along with the rewrite. They weren't huge mistakes, but distracting to me.