FU - Mia Watts Well this was a hot little surprise. I'm never sure when I get books from third parties whether they'll be good or not. I try these days to pay attention to the ratings by others, which is how I selected this one. While I thought Parker made the best of Housing's screw up, I'm not sure that the best way to win the guy you're going after is to screw around with ALL of your suite mates. I'm not sure how realistic it is after a near-rape to be OK with messing around with your suite mates just after. But I suppose she's a free spirit. All in all, it was a very hot romp. At the end, I have to agree with Harper that Kai's poetic speak, while nice, was taking up too much time, lol. All of the characters were developed enough to get a good feel for them. Dan cracked me up with his acceptance of his bi-sexuality... Jaxon was so sweet, but hot too... Henry's innocence was adorable ("...can you blow my job?")... and Kai was just Kai. I wanted to hate him when he was cold, but he was so hot when he was hot. But I love an HEA, and I was glad they both worked out their feelings with each other. No permanent menage... just a girl and a guy in love (and no longer sharing).