Curio - Cara McKenna This was totally not what I thought it would be (I've had several of those lately), but it was still really good! It's only semi-hot really. Maybe it should have been hotter to me, but maybe I'm ruined for reading about regular vanilla sex, lmao!

The man-whore was a well-known model. The girl, Caroly, is an American who is a curator in a French museum. She's a 29-year-old virgin who is tired of being a virgin, but because of how she grew up, she won't let her guard down long enough to find a man. She grew up somewhat ostracized, partially because of how she looked, and partially because of how she acted in an effort to protect herself. She decided that if she believed they weren't good enough for her, they couldn't crush her when they turned her down. She never tried... she never had a boyfriend. She's barely even kissed anyone. She's an odd thing.

But she hires Didier (the man-whore model) to lose her virginity to. It doesn't happen the first time. She doesn't even touch him the first time. She asks him to masturbate for her, shower for her... and then she leaves. Not even a kiss (if I recall correctly). She goes back a few days later. They build this odd relationship, but of course she keeps remembering that she's paying him for his time.

She chose him because he was beautiful and she didn't think she'd be able to have a beautiful man without paying him. But she found that his entire being was beautiful. Sure, he had a pretty package, but she began to crave what was inside him more than how he looked. He said a lot of very insightful things to her and helped her learn about herself as well. He was so very patient and sweet and gentle with her, recognizing boundaries before she even voiced them. It was bizarre, but it was really an interesting story.

I wish it was steamier, but it was still a great story. I loved the end. Maybe I should have seen it coming, but it could have gone a different direction. How wonderful that she touched his soul as much as he touched hers.