Continental Beginnings (Continental Affair, #2) - Ella Dominguez This story starts out before Continental Breakfast and is Xander's point of view of how he met and became so enamored of Bella. I'm not quite sure I understood how the training center really fit the story, other than to show that (a) he has dominant tendencies (which we already knew really) and (b) we learn that he loses interest in the physical aspects of that "job" due to his relationship with Bella.

But I found his point of view very interesting, how he was trying so hard to hold himself back from Bella. How she was so submissive that most times she felt like his reactions to her were her failings (shame on you, Xander!). How crazy her submissiveness drove Xander. How insensitive he could be, lol. I didn't like where it ended though, lol. I suppose where it ended gives me something to look forward to in the last one, which I definitely look forward to. Xander and Bella may have an unconventional relationship, but it's sweet.