Seduced (Lost in Oblivion, #0.5) - Cari Quinn,  Taryn Elliott Well, wow. This will be a very interesting series that I'm apparently going to have to stalk. This was a great introduction to the band members and the story of how they came together. I'm hoping we'll get even more back story in the individual books, especially from the members whose point of view we weren't privy to. I have to say that my heart broke for Nick and Simon both at some point. They each tried to be the good guy, and while they might have gotten some of what they were looking for, it was only fleeting. It'll be interesting to see how they acclimate to fame and fortune, as well as whether they can strike platinum again. It'll also be interesting to see how Snake fits into the story, because I'm pretty sure he'll be back around at some point.

Great story... can't wait for the series to start!