Carmen's New York Escape (Carmen's New York, #2) - Nikki Sex Closer to 3-1/2... While I guess I needed to know what Carmen came from, I found myself wanting to just get on with the love story. Or maybe it's that I wanted to stick my head in the sand about what Carmen was subjected to. It was horrible. I don't even want to imagine that kind of existence. And I feel like this was so out there, but then there were those three girls in Cleveland that the NON rich douche held for years, so I can imagine a rich guy has even more resources to make it happen. I felt like she was a bit overly flippant to Kurt when she finally contacted him. But maybe I can understand why she felt like she needed to be. She's definitely a strong person to have dealt with everything she has. But I was very happy to see Kurt and Carmen reunite. Of course, the story still isn't finished!