Jumping in Puddles - Barbara Elsborg I really enjoyed this one. I liked that both Ellie and Jago were so similar in that they both had these huge obligations to their families that neither one wanted, but both accepted and shouldered. I liked that Ellie, though unqualified to do what she advertised she could do (her "in" to get into Sharwood to look for the Kewen), came up with all these great ideas and great ways to help Jago, even when he was being such a jerk. And they had this incredible attraction to each other. Which played out many times. :-) This had the characteristic humor and great banter between characters that seems to be a hallmark of Ms. Elsborg's stories. Oh, how I wish I was that witty, lol! Her characters, even when they're facing huge problems, always seem to still be having a bit of fun, at least sometimes. As if all is not lost if they can just laugh or make someone else laugh. Anyhoo, it was a really sweet story that ultimately had to do with whether love can make you believe. Another goodie from Ms. Elsborg.