Head Games - Cassandra Carr Between 2-1/2 and 3 stars for me. Leo and Scott are professional hockey players who regularly share women. It's well known that they share women. For some reason, now they've decided they want to share the same woman forever. And this woman, Kelly, hasn't even gone out with them -- though she's attracted to both -- so it's understandably overwhelming when they both come on to her. Understanding, as well, that she'd think it's a temporary thing. So of course she resists.

I can't put my finger on what exactly didn't do it for me in this story. I think I just never got a feel for why Leo and Scott were so in love with Kelly or vice versa. I didn't "feel" the emotion. So the sex scenes just kinda fell flat for me. It wasn't a bad story, I just wasn't invested in the characters as I can get with other stories. When I'm invested, it means so much more when they get their HEA. Which this trio did, so that part was nice.