Bittersweet - Alyssa Turner Oh. My. God.

I think this may be one of the most aptly named stories I've ever read. This was the most intensely happy sad story I've ever read. I feel like bawling as I write this.

Keith and Sabrina met when Sabrina was Keith's college student. They debated the finer points of Keith's specialty, and those debates built a fierce respect growing into lust for each other. While it was surely frowned upon, they began a relationship which led to an insanely happy marriage. Until Keith's life -- and therefore Sabrina's -- was completely upended by a near-fatal accident that resulted in partial paralysis. All of their plans for their future together were derailed.

Since the accident, Keith was dying a little each day, despite Sabrina's attempts to change that direction. Every day another part of his personality began to wane. It was killing Sabrina to watch it happen. His latest assistant, Evan, is close to Sabrina's age. They haven't talked much beyond regular pleasantries, but there's a definite attraction between the two... one that neither would ever act on.

But Keith has other ideas. He's colluded with Evan to take Sabrina out for Valentine's Day since Keith doesn't feel like he can give her the day she deserves. Plus, he knows they have this attraction, the recognition of which sort of stuns them both. But they go out and have a nice day. A brief, accidental kiss happens, but nothing more. Until they get home and Keith pushes for more. And tells Sabrina that he truly is slowly dying from the brain tumor that caused his accident.

I can't go into much more without spoiling it. The love between Keith and Sabrina was so strong and beautiful. What he set in motion and why... I can't imagine being in that situation and making those decisions. How hard it must have been, for all of them. Just exactly the name of the story: bittersweet, but in the most bitter sense of the word.