A Red Hot Mess - Kimberly Van Meter This was a really cute story, even if I wanted to smack the heroine every once in a while. :-) Laurel has had three bad relationships. She's decided her instincts are off and she doesn't want to deal with another broken heart, so she's giving up on love. (I guess they were three horribly bad relationships.) She's going to be like her friend, Alice, who has random hookups and no guilt.

Laurel goes out one night with her friends and catches the eye of Aidan, who never goes out. His twin (not identical) has dragged him out, but now, Aidan is happy Dutch did. Before they can even get to pleasantries such as, "Hello, my name is...", Laurel asks if he has condoms, leads him upstairs (where they conveniently have empty rooms that lock? Wait, what kind of club was this?) and they have really, great, explosive sex. And before anything can ruin that, Laurel bolts. Leaving Aiden really confused and with nothing to go by to try to find her again. Nope, not even a name.

Next morning, Laurel is meeting with her new contractor. Guess who her contractor is?

So begins a sort of push and pull, with Aidan doing his damnedest to get closer to Laurel, and her trying to live up to her "no strings" mantra. Laurel is not built for "no strings". She's also not cut out for competition from her sister. Which honestly was no competition, but Laurel didn't know that.

Anyway, it was a really cute story. Like I said, I wanted to smack Laurel a couple of times -- You're not cut out for this!!! Don't let him walk away!!! -- but with an ultimate HEA and nice epilogue, I got over it.