Sin (Hamilton Sisters #1) - Sharon Page I had no idea the ton of "prim and proper" England were such perverts! I have read historicals before where whores are mentioned, of course, and mistresses. I'll never quite understand how people lived that way. But orgies? A week-long orgy? Wow. And later, a masquerade ball at a theater full of debauchery? Bring it on! ;-)

Lydia is a well-known whore who has been milking her clientele for secrets and then attempting to blackmail them with the information. She's pissed off quite a few well-off men.

Venetia is a bastard. Her mother, born of noble blood, threw it all away for Venetia's father, a painter, well-known for drawing erotic pictures. Unfortunately, Venetia's father's hands are having issues and he can no longer paint. Venetia has picked up the brush and created the pictures for him to fulfill his contracts. Lydia knows this and is trying to get money from Venetia, money which her family does not have.

Marcus is a reformed rake. He was also the starring male in many erotic paintings for Venetia's father, but Venetia had never seen him. Once Venetia picks up the family career, she changes things about the portrait man that make the pictures look more like the real man, causing trouble for Marcus. So he pushes her to stop.

When Venetia gets the blackmail demand, she goes to Marcus to help her find the orgy she knows Lydia is attending. Marcus knows that Venetia, being a virgin, would be eaten up at such an event, so he goes with her to protect her. Venetia doesn't want any protection, though she doesn't mind spending so much time with Marcus. They see things, do things, Marcus wants so badly to return Venetia intact to London. But lots of things conspire along the way to make that more difficult than Marcus could imagine.

Debauchery, seduction, murder, and love... The love was particularly sweet.