Mistletoe and Margaritas - Shannon Stacey,  MacLeod Andrews This was really, really sweet. A little angsty as well, but not sure how else it can be when a guy has been in love with his best friend's widow since before they were married. I felt really bad for Justin. He was trying to just get by, but I don't think he'd have ever had a good relationship considering how strongly he felt for Claire. And Claire, having been friends with Justin for as long as she knew her deceased husband, fell in love with Justin by accident. And of course, there are feelings of guilt on both sides... Justin because he's always loved her, and Claire because she needs to move on after her husband's death, but all of a sudden finds herself wildly attracted to the man who has become her best friend.

Thankfully, the husband's mother also sees what's going on between them and sort of pushed them to work things out. Not that she was the catalyst for everything, but I think it sort of gave them each permission to feel how they felt without so much guilt.

A really sweet Christmas story.