Christmas Angel - Lisa Marie Rice This was a short one, but it really packed a punch. Nicole works for the Foreign Service. Because she's a single girl, she has to be very careful about her relationships. Especially in Amman, where the story starts out. But at a party at the Italian embassy, she meets Alessandro, and the fall hard for each other. For a week. And then he disappears. Nicole is heartbroken. Can't eat, can barely concentrate. When her time is up in Amman, she jumps at the chance to transfer. She thinks she's going to Africa... but she's sent to Naples instead. What did she ever do to Karma?

How could Nicole have known what kept Alessandro away? How could she open herself back up to get walked on again? But he had a really good excuse, and hearing his side of things of what was happening while she was hurting... he had a really good excuse.

A happy ending, but a bit of angst in between. Like I said, this was a rather short story, but very impressionable for its length.