His Angel (An Everyday Angels Erotic Short) - Celia Juliano I enjoyed this one, but it almost felt like a "slice of life" story as opposed to a start-to-finish story.

We start with Mira investigating the BDSM scene again after two more or less failed attempts. The first guy used BDSM to excuse his abusive tendencies. The second one was a switch who wanted someone to top him sometimes, but Mira was not that person. She's about to leave when she bumps into a guy. A guy who she happened to save from drowning about ten years before. He always remembered "his angel's" eyes, so he recognized her. But Mira is uncomfortable with the whole scene, so she leaves.

Jim catches up with her (accidentally) at the coffee house down the street. And they hit it off. They really enjoyed each other, but Jim knew Mira was holding back on him. And Mira sort realized the same about Jim. So it was sort of a struggle between them of who would trust the most first.

I kinda didn't get the break up. While I understand she technically lied to him, I didn't get why she was so mad at him. Or that he could be so black/white about what her leaving meant. And them getting back together seemed a little disjointed. I dunno... Mira talked about wanting to be strong and independent and not rely on Jim for anything, yet that seemed to be the opposite of who she really was. And it didn't seem like Jim and Mira had that many deep conversations to be throwing the "l" word around.

But it was still an enjoyable story.