Indiscretions (Georgian Rakehells, #2) - Madelynne Ellis So I'm thinking maybe if I read #1 first, this one would have meant more to me. This was a freebie, which is why I picked it up. Having read it, it was nice, but not fantastic. Maybe if I understood the relationship between the three better.

It jumped right into the sex, which was m/m. Then we move to Vaughan and Bella fighting over Lucerne. I guess it was just Lucerne and Vaughan for a while and then Bella entered the picture. Lucerne loves them both, but they both would love it if it was just two of them instead of three, even though the three of them have great sexual fun together.

Anyway, Lucerne leaves them arguing because he just wants to be free of the bickering for a night. So the two remaining go home and try to screw away their anger. And the next morning, when Lucerne has returned (after screwing another girl?), Vaughan "punishes" Lucerne by screwing him on the floor. Um. OK. Not really sure how that's punishment, but OK.

I guess there just wasn't enough about the characters or their feelings for each other for me to really be invested in their relationship or to care how they were having sex. It was just OK.