Meredith's Awakening (Corporate Affairs, #2) - Sierra Summers,  V.J. Summers This second in the series was nice. I wondered what had made Meredith so cold. I think her father had more to do with it than Marcus, but Marcus overreacting at the club didn't help. I'm really glad that Tony didn't give up on her. Well, not at first. She made it really difficult for him to keep trying, but at the same time, I understand why Meredith had trouble -- he expected her complete trust, but she felt like he didn't trust her. And I also understand why Tony felt he needed to keep things from her. I really enjoyed when Tony brought Meredith home to meet his family. I also liked how he showed her the difference between what they were doing versus a Dom/Domme and a slave. Ultimately, I liked how everything worked out, and I was kinda happy that Marcus made Meredith see the light. He was part of the problem, and he became part of the solution.