Love, Interrupted - Kat Black Well, this was entirely too short. :-) Not because I wanted Frankie or Mark to punish themselves any longer, but I just wanted more.

From the get-go, my heart was breaking for Frankie. You knew she was only living half a life, so I'm glad her best friend finally confronted her with that. I'm also glad that Mark was persistent. After reading what actually happened, it sounds like not a big deal, but then I had to think about it from her perspective. If it happened once, what's to say it couldn't happen again? And maybe he enjoyed it that once? (Even if he did come home to tell me about it right away.) I could completely understand why Frankie felt so betrayed. It just seems like something that was so out of his control. Sure, maybe he shouldn't have been there, but hindsight is always 20/20... he never could have known what his friends might do.

Anyway, it ended in an HEA, but so much desolation and heartbreak and angst to get there. My chest hurt through probably 85% of it, lol! But it was a great story of forgiveness and second chances. And tenacity. And love.