Rebound - Mercy Walker This was very enjoyable. A freebie from Amazon, and you're never sure whether you'll get a peach or a lemon. This was definitely a peach.

Susan was jilted at the altar. Well, according to her, she wasn't actually AT the altar... she was in the vestibule when her groom's best man hands her a cocktail napkin containing a short scrawled break-up note. Not the best timing. Susan is, as well she should be, completely shocked.

Kevin, her best friend from college, is attending the wedding. He thinks if he watches her get married (and be a best friend by attending the ceremony), he'll finally realize he can't have her. And move on. He's been in love with her since he first laid eyes on her, but he was always just a good friend to her. He was a little dorky in college, and after college, he spent his free time in a gym, working off his attraction to what he couldn't have. Which really bulked him up.

After getting the cocktail napkin and spiraling into a psychological coma, her other best friend, Liz, gets her and Kevin out of there and back to her apartment. They find the honeymoon airline tickets and figure that's the best place to hide Susan for a while until things can die down. And she can't be alone, so Kevin goes with her.

After a few days of comatose, Kevin finally snaps Susan out of her stupor. And Susan realizes how much Kevin has changed. Physically. They've always been best friends, but she suddenly feels this sexual undercurrent. Kevin won't act on it, so she finally pushes the issue. And it's great. For both of them. Many times.

But then Liz shows up, and Kevin figures he's fulfilled his "duty", and he leaves. HE LEAVES!! Without even talking to her and telling her he's leaving. Another spiral into the depths of depression for Susan.

So anyway, things happen, time goes by, no real contact, Susan is freaking out, more stuff happens, lots of angst while they're apart (or at least *my* heart was breaking for them)... and ultimately an HEA. A very sweet HEA.

Like I said, you're never sure whether a freebie is going to be good. This was definitely worth the read.