How to Train Your Trophy Wife - Deidre Blue This story was just OK for me. First, it's billed as being m/m/f, but there's no boy bits touching. There's a kid (ish, he's 19) screwing a woman whose husband just came inside her, but that's not m/m/f. So I guess I was a bit let down by that. Also, and this is my fault, it's a short story. I guess I didn't realize exactly how short it was before I downloaded it. I find that most short stories don't have enough time to make me care about the characters and I think that was my problem with this one. Roger's wife is a vapid tramp, who married him specifically to be a trophy wife. She had to stay married to him for X years and then she could go on her merry way. I guess that contract had nothing about extramarital affairs, because on their anniversary, she's screwing the neighbor boy.

I just couldn't get into the characters, I guess. I felt like Roger was a wimp and his wife was just a bitch. And the neighbor boy was a twit. I get that Roger loved his wife, but WHY? It's not like he said anything positive about her except that she was beautiful. How shallow. Maybe there was more, but I just didn't get it from the story.