Destined to Be Three (Sweet Serenity #1) - Mia Ashlinn Ok, yeah, I didn't really like this one. I didn't hate it, but I honestly wondered if it would be a DNF. Then I saw I was at 75% and figured I could deal with the rest. It was just meh for me. The story seemed to jump around. I didn't feel a connection between the three people who were supposed to be so madly in love. I didn't get why she ran away. I mean I understood it in a superficial sense, but seriously? She's best friends with one of the boys' sisters and in THREE YEARS she didn't get the message that the boys wanted her back? I also didn't get that she was allegedly a huge klutz but she could so easily run from them. I didn't get the whole introduction of Leila the "enemy" and her posse when it happened. And Leila's little "intervention" or whatever you want to call it, letting Cade in on what Jaycee had planned and the resulting scene, was very anticlimactic. So Gray beat up a guy. And then they had sex. Whoopee. And I didn't even think the sex was all that hot. With two guys and girl (and the two guys into each other), it should have been smoking, but I guess since I didn't really care about the characters (the author really gave me no reason to), I didn't care about their sex either. I mean, when Gray let Cade fuck him, that should have felt momentous and touching (and sexy), but I just didn't care. And I thought there were way too many characters and side drama, and not a lot of backstory. We'd get it in pieces and that's part of what felt disjointed. I'm not likely to continue this series. I'm mildly interested in what Shannon's problem is, but not enough to read another one like this.