Code Monkey - Mechele Armstrong This was just an OK read for me. Maybe since I am a code monkey IRL, I had immediate problems with how Anna Marie made so many assumptions about Baxter. First, he can't possibly have ambition since he works where she does. Then, she finds out he's a gamer, so he must be a loser, spending all his free time playing games. Then, she finds out about his side business and immediately assumes it's more a hobby than anything else.

Baxter, on the other hand, thinks Anna Marie can do anything she sets her mind to. He makes sure she doesn't put herself down in front of him, tries to convince her to see herself as he sees her, he's completely supportive of her schooling and her dreams... in essence, he was really too good for her. Though he felt like the nerd watching the popular girl from afar. I did like her drive to become something, but I can't believe she'd go along with the "spy for promotion" thing without asking for more information. Also, I know there were issues with how she was raised, but I don't think that was fleshed out enough for me to care.

When I first started this, I thought it might be a DNF. I wasn't getting into the story. I didn't like Anna Marie. I continued on, and while the general idea of the story was nice, so much of it felt trite to me. I didn't find the sex to be all that steamy. I really didn't feel much of a connection coming from Anna Marie's side at all. I knew Baxter cared, but even their first night (their second date?) seemed rushed.

The ending, I felt like I should be seeing "mwah ah ah" as dialogue based on how the bad guy was speaking, and then cue music, "duh da-dah!" when the guy saved the day. Really, Anna Marie should have batted her eyes and exclaimed "My hero!" based on how they were all acting.

I didn't hate it, but it's definitely not a favorite.