Inapproriate Thoughts - Ian Dalton I received this book free from the author. Generally, this was a good story. I enjoyed the build-up between Brian and Jillian. I felt they were well-matched with their interests and their chemistry. There were definite copy editing issues with this. I always say I have an inner red pencil, and I can't shut it off. There was one mistake (that I can recall) that would have been caught by a simple spell check. So that was a little bit distracting. However, I think the reason I was just OK on this, as opposed to loved it, was that there were parts that were sort of mundane. Some of those mundane parts were in a way necessary to the story... I'm not sure if the gist of those parts could somehow have been incorporated another way. And parts of it seemed sort of juvenile. Brian's interaction with Natalie was just strange. The interjections of stories about Victoria felt almost out of place. Sure, the series is "Victoria Wilde", but *this* story was overwhelmingly about Jillian and Brian. And the link to information about tennis near the beginning of the book... I think that could be eliminated entirely. I've read books that include hockey scenes. I'm not really a hockey fan, so I have no idea whether the scenes were realistic or not, but understanding hockey was not intrinsic to the story line. Just as I don't think understanding a game of tennis is intrinsic to this story line. Sure, there are a lot of tennis themes throughout the book, but I don't think it's the most important part of the story. And I really don't think sending someone elsewhere to read about tennis at the beginning of a story is a good idea. Maybe as part of a foreward? But not after the story has begun.

There were parts that made me laugh... parts that made me roll me eyes... and parts that were quite sexy.