Forbidden - Saskia Walker This was a freebie from Amazon, but I generally like Saskia Walker stories, so I wasn't afraid. :-) At first, I wasn't sure if this was a historical novel. I'm not too familiar with present-day peerage in England, but apparently they have estate managers who get degrees in estate management. I think I was also confused because Emmanuelle was wearing a dress during their first encounter, and it just seemed so "historical", lol. But it's set in present day. Emmanuelle's father's estate has hit some hard times, and to strengthen the coffers, her father and step-mother have decided that Emmanuelle needs to have a "good match", indicating a pairing with a wealthy man, not someone she cares for. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Emmanuelle has a very strong attraction to Jacob, the estate manager... an attraction that is completely mutual. Once Jacob realizes he could lose her to someone she doesn't even want, he steps up his game.

There were a few sex scenes in this one and they were steamy. Part of it was the forbidden nature of them exploring their attraction and part of it was the resulting feverish couplings. But they were really sweet together. I still can't believe Emmanuelle would go along with her father's plans... she knew Jacob was special! But again, I'm not familiar with present-day peerage... maybe arranged marriages still happen at that level of society. Sad, if that's the case.

This is on the shortish side, but it was enjoyable. I didn't love it, but it was far from a bad story.