Owned - S.L. Carpenter This was on the shorter end of the length spectrum, but it was interesting. Eric and Lauren have been meeting once a month for no-strings sex for a while. Eric wants a little bit more, so he proposes a weekend where she lets him direct everything... her clothing, where they go, what they eat, how they have sex. And during this weekend, Lauren realizes she's fallen for Eric and thinks since they agreed to no-strings that she needs to get out.

This was a very sensual story, and parts of it were quite sexy. One thing that kind of threw me is that while romances often have fade-to-black, a few of these scenes were fade-from-black. One example: Eric is talking about wanting to take her anally, and a page or two later, bam, they're doing that, but he's basically finishing. The preparation is half the fun, lol, so I missed that! Maybe I wanted just a little bit MORE explicit descriptions. Not that there weren't any... the very beginning when he's performing oral sex on her was described quite tantalizingly. :-)

Others mentioned that S.L. Carpenter is a guy. I can't say that I would have recognized that had I not been told. There aren't many male writers who do sensual erotica well, but this one was pretty good.

When Lauren got spooked, I wondered what would happen, and it was ultimately very sweet. I enjoyed the story, I just didn't love it.