Siren in Waiting - Sophie Oak Another great story in the series. And Bo asked the one question I've always wanted to ask about figging. I mean seriously! Lol! I had lots of laugh out loud or snickering moments in this one, as I do with Ms. Oak's books. I loved that Trev found a replacement to his addiction in Beth -- something else that could calm his nerves yet not cause irreparable damage in his life. And I was happy when Trev reached out to Bo and Bo gave him that second chance. I thought it was particularly hilarious how much Leo hated Lexi's books because it made the Doms look like wimps. So funny! And the Trev/Beth/Bo grouping was great. I think it would be great if the next one is about Leo, Shelley and Leo's brother Wolf, since Leo was so dead set against sharing with anyone. Sounds like a great setup for the next one!