Mission Statement - Catherine Gardiene Well for me, this one started off strong and then lost momentum. Originally, I was heartbroken for Vicki. Her husband chose the absolute worst day to walk out on her, and while I understand that the marriage was probably over long before that, it was still a shitty time to spring that on her. Sure, maybe he couldn't pretend long enough to go to Aruba, but how he told her was almost as devastating as when he told her. And then to discover that he'd been cheating on her was just added salt to the wound.

My enthusiasm for the story started to wane when it started to read more like a Dom/sub manual to me. And while Michael and Vicki were working through what their relationship would be, I sort of lost the spark between them along the way. Their couplings started to seem almost clinical. I just wish I'd "felt" more between them. I felt like they were both walking on eggshells through so much of it. It would have been nice to see them secure in their relationship.

I also sort of wish Alan had come back around, if only to see her happy with Michael. (Ha! Take THAT! He's a cretin... he could have ended things with Vicki before fucking another woman... just saying.) Even a quick scene (though awkward) in the grocery store would have been nice, lol.

While it ended in a decent place, and I love that she finally admitted she's a sub and she's his, I wish there had been more to the story.

That said, I would be interested in learning more about Jonah (that's the next book in the series, according to the author) since we got just a little peek of him. I still don't quite "get" how a Dom can be intimate with a sub but it's only play... there's no real relationship outside the play, no deep feelings of attachment. But then again, I'm not in the lifestyle, so I'm probably not supposed to get that, lol.

Overall a nice story.